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Small Irvington lot utilizing space for additional gravel parking!

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Gravel Paking Installation

Make the most out of your property! Irvington is great place to live in Indianapolis. If there are any downsides to this area its that the lots can be on the smaller side. Then you can have issues with parking cars for your tenants or guests coming over. This customer had the smart idea of utilizing an area of their yard that otherwise just a large weed patch. After only a few hours of work, we removed the fence, overgrowth of vegeation and lightly excvated the area. We hauled all of the debris and excavated soil. Once the area was cleared of debris the crushed limestone was delivered! Our machines are perfect for this type of application. A mighty machine comparable to larger skid steer, but can still fit into smaller lots.

Once the the gravel was installed, our customer was excited to have additional parlking space on their property!

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