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Mini Barn/Junk Removal for Southside Homeowner

Do you have a shingled box holding a bunch of old, unwanted items sitting on your property? aka...A shed! If so, we can eliminate your mini barn, shed or lean to. We will dismantle, load it onto our dump truck/trailer and haul away. Does your shed have your old baseball card collection, Christmas ornaments, old lawn mower or snow blower collecting dust? Kids toys, patio furniture, pool supplies, garden hoses, garden tools, old lumber and whatever you stuffed in there over the past decades? We can remove all items from your mini barn or shed!

Schott Services is family owned and operated. In business since 2003 and one of the highest online reviewed companies in Indy for junk removal, hauling and light demolition services. Go to our Google profile to see what others think of us:

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