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Old or new unused bicycles, tricycles and recumbants. Donate today, we will pickup!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

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We provide Indianapolis and surrounding area residents an opportunity to repurpose any unwanted bicycles! Let us pickup your pile of junk and send your bicycles to a new, happy owner! All bicycles are donated to St. Vincent De Paul Society. They will fix or repair to get back to good working order if needed. Then give away for someone less fortunate to use for their daily transportation!

Our goal is to donate, recycle or repurpose your unwanted items you no longer need! The unfortunate side of being in the junk removal business is that most of our old stuff, unwanted items, unused or used materials end up in the landfill. But, if it can be recycled...we recycle it! If it can be donated...we donate it! If it can to be reused...we reuse it!

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