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Lawnmower Bed=little comfort! Do you have an lawn mower in your garage or shed?

We can haul it away! We remove all types of lawn and garden equipment. Riding mowers, weed eaters, push mowers, small tractors, leaf blowers, garden tools, rakes, shovels and anything else in your garage/shed you no longer need. Best of all, it can all be recycled, reused or donated! We can recycle any working or non-working lawn mower. We differ from many other companies in town being able to haul away heavier commercial equipment that may be stuck in your backyard shed. Or, if it's to heavy to push it to the curb. We use a mini skid steer capable of lifting over a 1000 lbs. and able to get into your garage/back yard. Send us pictures of what you need removed for a free estimate! (We dont recommend sleeping on a lawn mower!)

Call or text 317-784-8760


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