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Time Lapse Video...Landscape Removal!!!

Here is a great example of what Schott Services is all about! Ground ivy, overgrown weeds, brush and yard debris...We can reclaim that section of your yard that you have forgotten about and neglected for so many years. Or, you just purchased your home and the previous owners were not to concerned about being featured in latest home and garden magazine!

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but regardless Schott Services is here to save the day. Whether it's ground ivy that has taken over half of your yard or a brush pile that gets bigger every year we can remove it all! With over 20 years experience in horticulture, lawn & landscape, tree removal and hauling services. John Schott can help with your landscape removal needs. Great communication and goal of satisfaction after each and every job, your yard (and neighbors!) will be thanking you!

And, not just landscape removal. But, junk removal, house clean outs, estate clean outs, light hauling, brush removal, basketball goal removal, swing set removal, deck removal, fence removal and removal of just about anything else!

Break our back and not yours!

Call or text 317-784-8760


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