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So much dirt...And, not enough time!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

One of the calls I get the most...Dirt Removal! Yes, it's heavy, hard to move, DIRTY! and don't let the rain get it. You better have a good tarp because the task of removal just tripled!

I have the proper equipment to dig up, load and haul away your pile of dirt. Whether you are doing some DIY excavating for your paver patio or have had the typical grass mound in yard (that looks like a gravesite!). I can remove it or somtimes can spread it out in your yard to save some money. Not just dirt...mulch, rock, stone, sand, heavy boulders, old landscape timbers, shrubs, stumps, fence posts, concrete removal and much more.

I am the owner of Schott Services and will show up to provide the estimate, perform the task at hand and shake your at completion. Your satisfaction is my goal!!!

Call or Text: 317-784-8760


Thanks and have a great day!!!

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