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Video!..Concrete Debris Loading and Haul Away

Schott Services can remove piles of concrete and debris for you in quick time! Most hauling and junk removal companies do not have the equipment to tackle heavier materials like concrete, dirt, large boulders, rock and tree brush. We can even remove larger items like gun safes, riding lawn mowers, outdoor power equipment, metal structures and more. We will load it, haul it to the dump or recycling facilities depending on the material. Did you know? Concrete, asphalt, brush, metal and dirt can all be recycled!

Schott Services makes every effort to recycle or reuse your heavy material. Indianapolis has several facilities across the city that will recycle these materials. Dirt and brush can be turned new mulch and compost. Concrete and asphalt can be turned into base stone for new roads. And, of course anything that is made of metal can be melted down and reused for new steel production!

Check out our Google Reviews, Angie's List Reviews and Yelp Reviews. All from satisfied customers and hope we can do the same for you!!!


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