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Landscape and Brush Removal...Honeysuckle Beware!!!

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Did you think someone could specialize in honeysuckle removal? Well, you just found him! I have been in the hauling and landscape business since 2003. I provide many different removal, gravel driveway and grading services. But, enjoy removing honeysuckle! I have just the right equipment to pop unwanted honeysuckle from your lot or property. Honeysuckle is a cheap and fast growing screen or shrub, but it also grows anywhere...literally thru concrete! So, typically it is considered a weed because it is so invasive. The proper way to remove honeysuckle is by the whole plant, roots and all. Most companies will just cut it off at ground level. This is definitely cheaper, but in 3-6 months honeysuckle with grow right back.

Call or text today for free estimates on brush removal, lot clearing and landscape removal!!!


John Schott

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