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Brush and Lot Clearing Indianapolis

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Schott Services has been providing landscape and brush removal services in the Indianapolis area since 2003. One of our favorites is clearing undergrowth and brush for customers trying to open up a new section of their property. Honeysuckle is a very invasive plant in Indiana and can get out of control very quickly. We have the proper equipment to uproot the entire plant rather than just cutting it off at ground level. Many companies will clear an area of your undergrowth quickly with large bush hogs or brush clearing tools. But, we go a step further to actually dig up the root system to assure that the honeysuckle and other invasive plants do not come back!

This is especially important if you are on a tight budget because you do not want to come back next year and have to spend money on the same project. We are able to clear your unwanted brush and landscaping. We then will grade and level the area to assure ground is ready for seed or other new landscaping. We do provide new seeding and straw installation to get your overgrown yard back to it's original splendor!

On this particular project, the customer was fine with us spreading the green waste further back in the another section of the woods. Which saved us time and the customer money! We also provide brush hauling services and can provide this any removal job as well. Every job is important and we strive to give you the highest quality service and do our best to give you a good value on the work completed. I am homeowner as well and have hired many contractors to do projects at our house. I am always appreciative of companies working to fit our budget to secure the job!

Schott Services provides many types of removal services in Indianapolis. Junk removal, trash removal, brush pile removal, furniture removal, construction debris removal, fence removal, deck removal, mini-barn removal, koi pond removal, landscape removal, ground ivy removal, appliance removal and much more!!!

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John Schott

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