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Gravel Driveway Repair in Irvington

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We provide quality gravel driveway repair services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We have repaired several gravel driveways in the Irvington neighborhood. We gladly will give an up front estimate either over the phone or in person! We have 15 years experience in repairing gravel driveways and are excited to possibly help you out with your gravel driveway! And, you can rest assured that each and every time the owner-John Schott will show up at your doorstep to talk over job with you, coordinate stone delivery and complete the work discussed. John is very meticulous in getting your gravel driveway just right and even hand rakes your driveway for a professional finish! Call or text (317) 784-8760 today to speak with John Schott about your upcoming driveway project. He also provides light excavation and grading services to prepare new areas needing gravel installed. He provide new installation of driveways and parking areas. He can also grade and level your back alleyway to eliminate the ruts and pot holes. Thanks and have a great day!

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