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Dirt Removal and Haul Away

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A lot of people are installing their own paver patios and tackling their outdoor landscape projects. It's a good time with a wheelbarrow and shovel that you can work on over the weekend. Call some of your buddies over and hand them a shovel, start digging! The projects complete, looks great...but then you look in your driveway or backyard and there is a huge pile of dirt. You were having so much fun digging and installing new landscaping. You did not even realize how much dirt you removed!!!

Call or text Schott Services at 317-784-8760 to haul it away for you today! We have small enough equipment to get into your backyard to provide the dirt removal service. We recommend placing dirt pile on driveway or somewhere close to driveway for better pricing! We also provide landscape removal services including honeysuckle/tree overgrowth, small lot clearing, grading, fence clearing, fence removal, deck removal, paver patio removal, concrete removal, basketball goal removal, hot tub removal and we even provide swingset removal!


John Schott

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