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How to choose the right junk removal service?

Are you in the need of some junk removal, property/estate clean out or hauling services in Indianapolis? Then the next step is hiring the right company for your project!

Step 1. Do your research

There are many companies out there that can remove your unwanted items. Let's be honest, it doesn't take a "brain surgeon" to haul away your old stuff. But, you also want someone that you can trust coming into your home. You also want someone that is not going to damage your house while moving items through hallways and up/down stair wells. Many times if we are challenged with a large piece of furniture or exercise equipment, we will dismantle the item for easier removal!

Step 2.

Give me, John Schott-Owner, a call at 317-784-8760 to help with scheduling and approximate costs. You can know each and every time you text, email or call Schott Services that you are in correspondance with me, John Schott! More often than not, I am able to give a pretty good estimate over the phone or you can text/email pictures to me to aid in the estimating process.

Step 3.

Scheduling and removal of unwanted junk, furniture, trash, swing set, appliances, deck, shed, garage, hot tub, brush to name a few! I will call or text, whichever your prefer, before showing up at your house. We will remove all unwanted items, just point and we make it disappear!

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with the completed job, we can accept all types of payment. Cash, check, credit card.

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