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Revive Your Old Gravel Driveway and make your home great again!!!

Thanks for checking us out here at Schott Services! We look forward to meeting you and discussing the renovation of your compacted, worn out driveway. If it has pot holes the size of Texas, more grass than your lawn or your friends don't come to your house anymore because it's like driving across the moon...then we need to talk! I have a patented system (just kidding!) to revive your crushed stone driveway. First, I will power rake the entire driveway, which "fluffs" the top few inches of stone. Second, I will level and fill in any ruts, pot holes and uneven areas. Then I will have a load of new stone delivered and will spread with my machine. Lastly, and if needed. I will hand rake smooth the entire driveway to ensure proper level and for an ultra smooth ride! You owe to yourself and to your friends to get that gravel driveway updated and refreshed!!!

Thanks for getting this far...if you don't mind please Call or Text at 317-784-8760 John Schott for a Free Estimate!

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