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Junk Removal Services vs Renting a Dumpster?

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Home remodeling, landscaping, moving, and household projects come with leftover debris, dirt, broken concrete, and unwanted houshold items. Then you're left with trying to cleanup so you can enjoy your new space. Your first thought is to get a dumpster and prepare yourself to do more work hoisting everything in!

Why is Schott Services junk removal a better than a dumpster?

1) Our pricing is equivalent to a dumpster (sometimes cheaper) and we do ALL the labor for you! See our Pricing List for details. No need to strain lifting items into a dumpster to fill it. We often lift large and heavy items over our head, but we are professionals who lift itmes every day and do so using proper techniques. As a customer, you just point to the items you need removed and we make them disappear! Whether you need items from a garage, basement, attic, or a backyard, we can get it out.

2) We can access places dumpsters are unable to reach. Twisty stairs, narrow hallways, dark attics, and fenced in yards often make removing debris a challenge. Even if you have a fenced yard and have heavy materials needing to be removed, we have equipment to complete the job that fits through a standard 36" gate. No dumpster can compete with that. Large items in small spaces are carefully dismantled to protect your walls during the removal process.

3) We have the equipment to remove large or heavy materials. Dirt, bricks, concrete, asphalt, sod, stone, landscape materials, and construction debris are extremely heavy. These items can quickly reach the maximum weight capacity of a dumpster. Our professional hauling and junk pickup services can accomodate all such materials and more! Disposing of shingles is one occassion where a dumpster is very useful if you don't exceed the weight limit and it can be located next to the roofline. They can be directly deposited into the dumpster from the roof. Check out our Hauling & Junk Removal page to learn more about materials we frequently pickup.

4) We are quick and discreet, and leave nothing behind. We only use professional yet unmarked vehicles and work quickly to complete the job. There is no need to have a dumpster sitting in your yard or driveway. Not only is a dumpster an eye-sore, it takes up your parking space and can damage the surface it rests on.

5) As owner of Schott Services, you get me from start to finish. There is no need to communicate with several different employees (secretary for scheduling, driver for delivery, manger to answer questions and another driver for pickup) I personally answer every phone call, email or text to provide easy scheduling. I also complete every junk pickup job and can answer any questions you have. You know exactly who is receiving your information and will be completing the job. Contact me today for questions or scheduling.

6) Unwanted items get reused, donated, or recycled. Unlike a dumpster, we do our best to properly relocate items to be reused again. We use a variety of recycling facilities for materials, and we make sure household items go to people who can use them. We proudly support and sponsor the Society of Saint Vincent dePaul in their efforts to help the poor and needing in Indianapolis.

I look forward to helping you with all your hauling and junk removal needs.

John Schott

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