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Disposing of Toxic & Hazardous Materials

Have paint cans, chemials, gasoline, insecticides, or other hazardous materials that you need to get rid of? Click on the links below to find locations and hours to dispose of them properly.

Indianapolis Tox Drop

Greenwood Hazardous Recycling

Carmel Waste Collection

Zionsville Waste Recycling

List of Acceptable Items:

Adhesives, Aerosol Cans, Air Fresheners, Ammonia, Bathroom Cleaners, Brake Fluid, Carpet Cleaners, Chlorine Bleach, CFL's, Detergents, Fire Extinguishers, Floor Wax, Fluorescent Light Tubes, Furniture Polish, Gasoline, Glue, Herbicides, Insecticides, Lead Acid Batteries, Lighter Fluid, Elemental Mercury, Moth Crystals, Used Cooking Oil, Used Motor Oil, Oven Cleaners, Paint, Paint Stripper, Paint Thinners, Pesticides, Pool Chemicals, Propane Tanks (< 20 lbs), Rock Salt, Stain Removers, Thermostats, Thermometers, Wood Stains, & Wood Varnishes.

By John Schott

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