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Mini-Barn/Shed Removal From Storm Damage on South Side of Indy

Updated from Sprng 2013

Spring in Indianapolis is not far away, but with warmer temps storms are possibility in winter months. Unfortunately, a customer's shed was demolished by a fallen tree. The greater Indianapolis area is known to have some crazy storms with strong winds causing plenty of damage due to fallen trees. This shed was destroyed when a tree fell on it, and Schott Services was there to haul away the rubble soon after. The mini barn was at the bottom of a hill in the customer's backyard. Even though the customer was concerned about the extra labor involved in getting the mini-barn completely removed. We got to work and had it hauled away in short time!

Whether it's from storm damage or just past its due date. If you own an old, decrepit mini-barn needing demolished and hauled away we can help! It doesn't even need to be old. We have had customers in Indianapolis hire us to remove a newer shed that was either in the wrong location or inherited from previous owners of the property. Either way, we will take it away.

Does your mini-barn have a concrete foundation/floor? Did you know most junk removal and hauling do not have the equipment to remove concrete. We have had many customers need a shed removed and not sure what to do with the concrete floor. We do that too! We can remove concrete foundations, concrete floor or footers.

This customer will be enjoying a new shed soon!

Call or text for a free estimate: 317-784-8760


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