Free Bicycle Donation Pickup & Recycling in Indianapolis

Bicycle Donation Pickup Indianapolis
  • Free Pickup (With any paid job)

  • Fully Licensed & Insured

  • Family Owned/Operated

  • 1500 Satisfied Online Reviews

  • Over 20 Years Experience

Indianapolis Bicycle Donation, Bike Recycling, Bike Charity Donation,

"We RECYCLE, REUSE, and DONATE your unwanted bicycles and bike parts. Free Pickup!"

Bike Donation Collection Services

Adult bikes, children's bicycles, bike trailers, broken and unwanted bike parts, reflectors, air pumps, helmets, bike locks and more... Anyone needing to get rid of unused bicycles or bike supplies can re"CYCLE" them to a good cause!


Our free pickup services with any paid junk removal job can take the hassle out of donating your bicycles. We come to you and provide contact-free pickup!

Are your bicycles old or have flat tires? No problem! We can pick them up. Reclaim your storage and garage space with ease without having to transport your bicycles to a donation collection center!


Your unwanted bicycles will be fixed, tuned up, and tested before going to someone in need of transportation to work or school. 


Indianapolis Bike Donation Charity

Why Choose Us?

Schott Services is a family-operated business, with its roots on the Southside of Indy. We want to give back to those in need in the Indianapolis community to improve their quality of life!


We want to keep the CYCLE of community growth moving forward one set of pedals at a time! 

Re"CYCLE" your unwanted bicycles to those in need!

We proudly support and donate to SVDP of Indianapolis. Click here to learn more!